Three Moons

Dear Woman,

Three Moons is a very personal healing journey where you get to unravel your birth in your own way and own time.

When you are ready to dive in and look at your birth, much is revealed.

I am here for you.

Big Hugs,




Here’s what you’ll cover in Three Moons Women’s Coaching programme….

To begin you will receive a 1 hour session to gain clarity on what you would most like to achieve over three moon cycles.

After this you will receive 6 two hour long sessions over 12 weeks in person (or via Skype). The programme is led and driven by you. Your goals, your needs and your desires. Here is a sample of some of the things women cover during Three Moons.

First Moon is all about Nurturing

  • Mothering you, rocking the baby and nurturing yourself. Healing from your birth requires self-care. In many ways it involves mothering your wounds to health. There is no quick fix, everyone finds their own way.

  • Speaking your Birth Story

  • Clarity on what needs healing

  • Clarity on Invocation and Desires

  • Reclaiming your physical body, energy, womb space and yoni.

  • Hands on Healing with Angela.

  • Gentle nurturing massage with rose oil for your womb.

  • Creating a Healing Altar in your home

  • Daily Nurturing Rituals to support you

Second Moon is all about Self Expression

  • Painting your Birth Story with water colours, crayons and pencils

  • Writing your Birth story with pen and paper

  • Finding your voice for courageous conversations

  • Letters to write and send

  • Letters to write and not send

Third Moon is all about Healing

  • Sacred Sexuality for Healing ~ Self-care practice

  • Wound Blessing Session ~ for caesarean section births.

  • Yoni Blessing Session ~ for healing a wounded Yoni during Birth.

  • Placenta Blessing Session ~ for healing a wounded Placenta

  • Womb flow, art and self-expression for healing for menstruating women

  • Tracking physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual healing

  • Sharing the Medicine in Women’s Circle ~ Being Witnessed

  • Completion with your Birth


Here is what is possible for you when you commit to the process of healing your birth…

You will become grounded in your inner mother, your divine feminine and your sacred healer within.

You will find clarity in what you really want now and renewed trust in yourself as a woman.

You will feel happier and more energized.

You will make peace with your birth.

Are you a good fit for this programme?

You are excited about working together to heal your birth.

You understand that this journey may be challenging at times and you will create space for yourself to feel your emotions as they flow to the surface.

You are ready to invest in yourself in time, energy, attention and money.

You are coach-able and willing to give and receive feedback along the way.

You understand that healing is a process and there is no “quick-fix”.

You’re able to commit to the sessions we schedule together.

You respect my boundaries.

You value community and creating safety and support for yourself.

If we work together your commitment includes….

Arriving for your Skype calls (or in person sessions) on time, rested and ready to go.

Being present for calls with no interruptions (mobile phones, devices and TV switched off)

Creating child care so you can focus on your healing.

Being gentle and patient with yourself.

Allowing yourself to heal in your own timing. Not forcing yourself to have it all worked out straight away.

Being real, honest and authentic as we work together.

Being coach-able. Having the courage to try new things.

Be willing to face your fears and do what is required for your healing.

Being gentle and kind with yourself (and me) along the way.

Being willing to face your feelings.

Asking for what you need and taking responsibility for your healing journey.

My commitment includes….

Showing up for our sessions well rested, well-fed and ready to go.

Creating sacred space for your healing; phones and all devices switched off.

Keeping you focused on your goals and accepting you completely as you are.

Impeccable confidentiality.

Allowing you to work in your own way, at your own pace.

Supporting you on your healing journey 100 percent.

Holding the highest version of you possible despite your self-concepts, story, circumstances and personal beliefs.

I’m in, how do I get started?

It’s easy. Simply click the big friendly button and fill in the form.


I want you to reap the benefits of investing in your personal healing journey right away. I am here ready to support you to complete with your birth and make peace with your journey. I’m really excited about working with you.