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Introductory birth healing session

In this session you get to tell your birth story. You get to unpack what happened and how it made you feel.

Tell your complete birth story uninterrupted. Every woman I work with has a very personal story to share.

Are you ready to reclaim and repair? The power is within you to heal.

I hold the space for you to do the inner work, to release and let go.

There is no quick fix. (Although some women do report healing completely from their birth in one session, most need longer.)

You can do this, ever so gently, one frond at a time.

I believe in you.

I look forward to hearing about you and your birth. If you would like to book in now to heal from your experience of childbirth click the button and choose a time.


If you feel ready to explore the story of your child’s birth I am ready to listen to you as we unravel what happened and how it made you feel.


Two Hour Birth Healing Session

You are welcomed with a warm embrace and tea of your choice. Settle into my home healing loft and begin to share the story of your child’s birth. Once you feel you have shared your story it is time for morning tea. After this you are invited to receive gentle anointing and healing.

This is a very slow bodywork therapy I have developed myself specifically to support women to heal from childbirth. After years of bodywork training and attending women in labour I have created a subtle treatment that works.

After your treatment it is time to ground before leaving for home. You will leave feeling released and lighter.

Two hour Birth Healing Intensives are $250


I am ready for a whole day of this….


Take the day off and gift yourself the time and space to simply reflect and be.  Your one day intensive includes…

A warm welcome chai, hot chocolate or herbal tea

A two hour personal birth healing session

A delicious organic lunch

A birth healing massage to support letting go

A facial massage with rose oil

Creative self expression with water colours, crayons or pencils

A sound healing clearing to unlock any deeply held emotion

Completion Cuppa

Sessions available from 10am – 3pm week days, $495.


Healing from Abortion

Finally the support you need to work through your feelings after the termination of a pregnancy.

Angela will create a safe space where you can be with your feelings and share your whole story.


Who is this work for?


This work is for women healing from birth. It is also for midwives, doulas and therapists who need healing from attending births.

I am ready… how do I book in?

Click the button to choose your preferred session, and book in. Birth Healing sessions are available via Skype, or in person in Mullumbimby.


About Angela

Angela is a mother and midwife who has been helping women heal and transform for over a decade. Angela has a passion for the healing arts and is a qualified massage therapist, yoga teacher, doula and a registered midwife in New Zealand. After many years holding space for childbirth and women’s transitions she is delighted to offer midwifery for the soul, to help women heal from deep inside themselves. To see what women are saying go to Here’s what women are saying…