Here’s what women are saying…

“Angela held a deeply safe and transformative space”

Lisa Fitzpatrick“Angela held a deeply safe and transformative space for me to unpack my traumatic birth stories. I had never been able to fully process these stories and instead, they had sat inside me for many years causing a low level of mistrust in both myself and in my life. Being able to revisit these stories in the presence of a gifted birth healer has given me a sense of liberation from guilt, fear and judgement around myself and my role as a mother. Angela is one of a kind and I can’t recommend her services more highly. I feel so blessed to have been given an opportunity to work with her. If you’re looking for the missing piece in your quest for wholeness as a mother, and want to ramp up your empowered feminine expression in the world, then look no further than this amazing lady’s work.”
Lisa Fitzpatrick – Sacred Women’s Business Coach, Ocean Shores, Australia.

“Angela is an amazingly connected and intuitive guide”

Jennifer Hamilton“The sacred space she holds is so loving, strong and in the highest vibration of femininity. She is wise beyond her years and imparts her healing presence so easily. We went soul deep and I emerged feeling stronger and more empowered about my birthing experience and new mum life than I have ever felt. I absolutely recommend Angela’s guidance to help release and heal birthing trauma. I am so grateful and know that I am finally starting to move forward!” Jennifer Hamilton, Sydney, Australia.

“I now feel clear for baby number two”

Sammy Lo Giudice“Angela answered deep questions I had around my traumatic birth, which has helped to heal my womb wound. I now feel clear for baby number two in the future. So much gratitude for you Angela, thank you.” Sammy Lo Giudice, Bangalow, Australia.


“Angela’s approach was gentle, sensitive, nurturing and respectful.”

Danie Smallwood“Almost eleven months ago, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. The way in which she arrived into my arms was far from the dream I had imagined. Since her birth, a part of my heart has been in a dark place, drowning in shame and grief, retelling and reliving my birth journey. I did a one month program with Angela, and as much as I knew I needed to do this, I was still hesitant to open the wound and do the inner work. Angela’s approach was gentle, sensitive, nurturing and respectful. She intuitively gave me the tools to explore my birth experience in a new light, to unravel the shame and grief and to find the deeper healing that my journey was offering me. I now feel I have peeled back some layers and have come to begin to surrender to peace with my story, and I am inspired and ready to keep diving deep to bring forth my greatest healing. In deep gratitude I am to you Angela” Danie Smallwood, Lismore, Australia.

“I feel like ME again.”

Kate Nutt“Even though my son’s birth was relatively uncomplicated, the events surrounding his entrance into the world hardly honoured this very special occasion. Life and motherhood was tough for me from day one. And the following years lead to the break up of our family. 

I realised I was starting every day with anger and resentment that stemmed from the poor relationship environment I had brought my child into. And years after our separation from his father, the disappointment was still taking its toll on our lives.

It was on one of these mornings, I again woke angry, it was time to tackle this misery head on.

I needed help.

I wasn’t looking for a quick chat, or someone to hear my woes. I needed someone to facilitate change. Someone who understood my strengths and my weaknesses. Who understood my story, who could hold me to my own dreams and aspirations.

Angela rode my wave of life for three months. She held me through days of wanting to hang myself from the rafters, to days of joyous revelation. She held that space for me. 

I can’t tell you exactly what worked for me about Angela’s programme. A few weeks in, I noticed my inner demons began to transform into compassionate angels.

I was returning to myself. I reunited with that long lost friend called happiness.

We established practical solutions to incorporate into my weekly schedule. And then everything else seemed to take care of itself. My colleagues, my family, my new partner notice the return in my spirit. I feel like ME again.

It was going to take someone special, to navigate my transformation. Someone with a fine balance of intuitive prowess and practical solutions. Angela has been the perfect guide to help me discover and walk the path of sweet motherhood and happiness. Angela’s healing programme has been crucial for my little family.”
Kate Nutt, Brunswick Heads, Australia.

“Working with Angela helped me to regain my confidence, clarity and sense of self”

Lindsey Bast“Torn. Cut. Forced. Violated. My birth was anything but how I had pictured it. I had lost faith in my body, my mind and my intuition – especially since I journeyed through infertility and pregnancy loss before birthing my son into this world. Angela helped me to realize that the way my birth happened was not my fault. She reassured me that my feelings were justified and my voice deserved to be heard. Working with Angela over 3 moon cycles helped me to regain my confidence, clarity and sense of self during a time when everything was new and scary. Angela is a gentle soul who listens and encourages. I am so grateful that we were brought together – to heal together – in divine timing.”  Lindsey Bast, Regina, Canada.

“You are a true midwife.”

Rach Tully Mum 360“Thank you again for holding space and re-directing me. I know it is a positive step forward. In just a few short hours you assisted a shift that was necessary.

I heard myself sharing with my sisters, deeply from my heart, ‘I love my mother’.

I would never have imagined that I could express what was so necessary for me to express in safety…with this full bodied knowing that I honour my journey with my mother so deeply… and that journey has included her death… which has for me, allowed me to access the connection to Unconditional Love and truth – perhaps more so than if she was alive.

Yet, I would never stop someone from having their own journey, never wish my own ‘story’ on another. For it is our own expression of the divine, and as you say, and I see you doing so clearly – marking the spiral of our own birth, our own soul birth.

You are a true midwife.  Namaste.”  Rachel Heaton, NSW, Australia.

“Angela provided such a safe space”

“IMarilou Coombe had such a tough birthing with my first who was a premmie, and a challenging pregnancy with my second.

Angela provided such a safe space to share and release my emotions having felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I wish I knew of her services 5 years ago, after the birth of my first.

I loved my session with Angela. What a shining star, such a soft and gentle nature.

Thank you muchly beautiful Angel.”  Marilou Coombe, NSW

“Working with Angela has been an incredibly healing journey for me, and I feel so grateful that she is out there in the world sharing such powerful and needed work with women.”

Star Despres“Angela’s gift at holding space in such a compassionate and tender way allowed me to feel safe enough to dive deep into some womb wounds I have been carrying for many years.

Her intuitive insights were spot on, her meditations and visualisations beautiful and so very potent, and the bodywork at the end left my entire being in bliss and feeling such a sense of deep release.

This work is life changing!

Thank you for ALL that you do Angela, you are such a blessing!”

Star Despres, Conscious Rest Specialist, NSW

“I had one session with Angela and for the first time I could speak about my birth from the beginning to the end without interruptions.”

Beate Thiemer“Angela held me beautifully and gave me some great reflection afterwards.

It was important for me to be able to express what has happened at my sons birth and I needed that space to feel safe enough to go into the depth of it.

After that session I realised very quickly that I needed more and now I’m about to start Angela’s Three Moons program.

I’m so excited about it and I know that it will give me so much more understanding, healing and trust in my body again.

What I like most about Angela is her gentle nature, how she holds space and her way of working on a soul level.”

Beate Thiemer, Mother, Sydney.

“This experience has left me deeply grateful and at peace.”

Nitya and daughter“I recently had a birth healing session with Angela, which was an auspiciously timed, deeply healing and very powerful event for me.

I’m blessed with 3 children, but had only 2 births as my oldest boy and girl are twins.

My third and youngest is a girl who was born exactly 3 years after her older siblings, so I basically had 3 kids in 3 years.

My twins are now off to high school next year, and the little one is also getting big, so many years have already passed since their births.

I knew since a while about the special and powerful work that Angela does and still, it was not until I read one of her posts about her work, that something clicked in me and immediately I knew there was a missing link here for me…

When I arrived to Angela’s house for our appointment, I was welcomed by a warm, peaceful and light atmosphere, and from that moment my spirit knew that I was safe and absolutely ready to do this work!

The following 2hrs took me with surprising ease, and also very quickly, deep into the journey of healing my 2 births. I felt it was a combination of my own readiness, perfect timing and the sensitive, knowing and immensely intuitive facilitation by Angela, that made this journey as deeply powerful as it was for me.

I remember especially the moment when deep within the process, having already cleared my twins birth, I burst out, “OMG! – there’s my 2nd birth too!!!”…and dove straight into healing this as well… This doesn’t usually happen so often Angela said, that more than one birth gets cleared at once, but there was no doubt in me that I was indeed there to do it ALL once and for ALL…

This experience has left me deeply grateful and at peace… and more in touch with myself, my life and my children ~

Thank You Angela for doing this work… time to play now!”

Nitya Lang Larimar, Byron Bay, Australia

“I felt the love that I was not able to feel during the birth.”

Karen Eivers“I’m soooooo incredibly grateful you stepped into this work from your journey as midwife.

My over riding sense coming into Three Moons was that there was trauma ‘stuck’ in my physical body and I didn’t know how to release it.

Looking back, I felt a sense of shock as the birth unfolded and experiencing major surgery whilst being conscious and awake .

During my daughter’s birth I removed myself to cope and hadn’t fully felt safe to come back.

Before Three Moons, whenever I spoke of certain aspects of the birth I felt sensations arise in my physical body, an internal shakiness, and often emotion.

Working with you I felt able to safely go back and explore each stage of the birthing process. Things I’d forgotten about, moments that all pieced together as one big horrific event.

I was able to return to each moment of my daughter’s birth and feel what was present there and let the emotion attached to what happened (and what I wished could have happened) to be voiced and cried out.

I feel more able to think back on the birth now with less fear. The caesarean is not at all what I wanted but it’s quite a lot more OK than it was before.

Thinking back on it carries less weight now. What was held in has had an opportunity to be let out and witnessed in such a safe place.

I also feel more deeply for women in general, for the magnitude of what we do, for the pain so many suffer, for my Grandmothers who gave up babies and felt shame and fear.

I feel like I now have the ability to understand the full spectrum of birth and motherhood.

The work that came up around my maternal lineage has been something I had never thought about and is very useful to see clearly.

I feel an awakening of this awareness of my ancestry and lineage and feel in recent weeks since working with you this connection with particularly my Grandmother’s stories surfacing more regularly.

I feel a deeper understanding of the greater circle of women and calling on the desire to create rituals and prayers.

I think you gave me a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Feminine, our strengths and amazingness and our pain and wounding.

I feel an ever growing importance to tap into this wisdom and to sisterhood.

An absolute moment that stays with me is the immense LOVE I felt as we stepped through the c‑section and you placed the pillow on my chest.

I felt the love that I was not able to feel in my state of shock and trauma during the birth.

I am now able to acknowledge the depth of love I have for my daughter and now I look at her with wonder.

Reclaiming that moment of birth, that moment of LOVE was profound for me.

I feel a sense of pushing through my inertia and ideas of self that have become ingrained.

After working with you I’m now breaking out of old patterned concepts of myself. I’m doing good things for myself that I never do.

I love you! Your energy, your clarity, your wisdom, your gentleness, your fierceness, your compassion.

I felt SO safe, so heard, so acknowledged.

I’m crying writing these words.

Every time something arose that brought great emotion which I couldn’t actually pinpoint you honed straight into what was going on.

You peeled away the layers and saw clearly somehow what the issue was lying beneath.

You worked so gently and yet pushed me to where I needed to go and wanted to go.

I didn’t come along to Three Moons to pussyfoot around shit I’d been going in circles with long enough.

I felt so nurtured.

Crying again as I write this.

I didn’t think of it at the time but it was like you took on a Mothering space and held my pain with your touch so fully that I could just let it go.

I loved the process of going back in time to the birth, revisiting the people I communicated with each step of the way.

I still intellectually don’t understand how the healing takes place but it undeniably did.

Something altered for certain.

I love that you have been around birth. It is what made me know you were the person I finally wanted to do this work with.

I didn’t need to explain anything to you. This knowing is invaluable.

Feeling deeply deeply understood is so healing . The validation of my feelings and experiences is so healing.

Thank you very much.”

Karen Eivers.

“I felt at ease, and welcomed to share some stuff I’ve been holding deep down.”

“I have been finding pockets of time to let my mind wander to actively thinking about my session with Angela; my labour and birth and my feelings and emotions around it all, and I must say, that my heart feels more at ease.

More often than not, a calm smile has come to my face in thinking about it.

This is kind of ground breaking. I am so glad that I came, and so glad to have met Angela and spent time with her and her processes.

I felt at ease, and welcomed to share some stuff I’ve been holding deep down.

Above all, I felt very safe in her presence.

And I think in dealing with these issues, that’s exactly what I’ve been seeking.

I think the very essence of “mother” means “safety” to me.

I really really did get a lot out of our session.

Thank you Angela, from the bottom of my heart.”

Shelly Brown