A woman’s birth story is a doorway that takes me straight to a woman’s soul. If your birth was anything less than wonderful and empowering you are in the right place.

What exactly am I talking about here?

My gift is that I can hear the story beneath the story.

I can hear the soul speaking to me through women’s birth stories.

Although many women come to me to heal from the birth of their child, the truth is that within our birth story is our life story.

How we birth is how we live.

I discovered that within my own experience of childbirth was everything I needed to know to live as a woman on the planet. It is what I came here to learn, to heal, to teach and to share.

The birth story is where we start.

It’s a good place to begin.

Herstory is a deep one. The story of your womb will be told and she will rise.

The elephant in the womb is the deep wound that can’t be spoken.

I am talking about the weight of these wounds on our life now. When we heal from our experience of childbirth we heal so much more. We heal our core wounds with life itself.

I am talking about our relationships with our mothers, our mother wound.

I am talking about fathers, what we learned to expect from the men in our life, and how that shapes birth and us as women now.

I am talking about our experience of Menarche, our first menstruation and how that experience impacts our births and now.

I am talking about our ‘other’ pregnancies, the terminations and miscarriages and how those experiences impact our life and our births, often decades after, they can be elephants in the womb.

I am talking about our losses, our stillbirths and how those experiences impact our life now.

I am talking about our first and other sexual experiences and how this dances into birth and life now.

I am talking about our sexual energy and how safe we feel to let this flow at birth and now.

Why am I talking about all this?

When women SEE the elephant in the womb via their birth story they will lead the elephant to new greener, safer and more luscious pastures.

And then what?

Life changes, big time.

~ Women reclaim their voice

~ Women reclaim their sexuality

~ Women clear their shame and blame and move forward

~ Women suddenly meet their soul mate after years of single parenting

~ Women regain their lightness of being

~ Women release guilt and create happy lives

~ Women deeply re-connect with their children

~ Women’s businesses take off

~ Women regain their vitality and dive into life again

What am I really doing by helping women heal from childbirth?

I am holding the space for women to heal their womb space, so they can live fully, so they can birth themselves.

At some point we know when we have birthed enough babies and it is time to birth our truth.

If you look back on your experience of childbirth, how do you really feel?

Take a moment and allow your body to inform you how she feels about that experience.

If you sense there is something that still needs completion I am here ready to listen.

Angela Fitzgerald is a birth healing coach, midwife and mother. She helps women heal from birth and prepare for next births. She supports the birthing of new women through her unique personal coaching programmes. See what women are saying about her work here.