A woman’s birth story takes me to a woman’s soul. If your birth was anything less than wonderful and empowering you are in the right place. Listen to what women have to say about transforming their birth story with me.

My gift is that I can hear the story beneath the story.

I can hear your soul speaking to me through your experience of childbirth.

Although many women come to me to heal from the birth of their child, the truth is that within our birth story is our life story.

How we birth is how we live.

I discovered that great jewels lay within my own birth story.

It is what I came here to learn, to heal, to teach and to share.

The birth story is where we start.

It’s a good place to begin.

Herstory is a deep one.

The elephant in the womb is the deep wound that can’t be spoken.

When we heal from our experience of childbirth we can heal core wounds.

When we are born we learn about what we can and cannot expect in life and in love.

We learn about life from our first experiences of being received, welcomed, held and cherished.

We learn how to receive love from our parents.

We learn how to give love from our parents too.

If you look back on your experience of childbirth, how do you really feel?

Take a moment and allow your body to inform you how she feels about that experience.

If you sense there is something that still needs completion I am here ready to listen.

Angela Fitzgerald is a birth healing coach, midwife and mother. She helps women heal from birth and prepare for next births. She supports the birthing of new women through her unique personal coaching programmes. See what women are saying about her work here.